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It all started two months ago, our son play for the same football team and share a dream is just as natural as loving parents, we exchanged phone numbers and that's when the relationship began to build textual mild flirtation at first slowly, games, the survey, launched this small force blond hardrock make me feel this great ass little impertinent. last weeks of the idea of ​​text has been masturbating more mutual between the text and even better, a morning paper I said she was alone in her home, her husband was working and had her pussy back and a hand that was necessary, (which is a cock rock hard to do! ) I was there in less than 15 minutes trying to open the door and walked in, heartbeat, throbbing cock, set up the ladder without knowing what going to rise before reaching the top of the stairs, now is the mouth dries up the bones, the heart is beating so hard I think the neighbors are here with me, I'm standing and heard, wait a noise, and then I hear a low hum and groan under theirthe door to my left, the first step, and my trembling hand on the handle. I press down and bravonude opens the door, slowly and gently pushed the door ajar, its smell is the first thing that hits me, the wonderful scent of wet pussy wet. I glance through the door and not through the room, she is lying, naked except for his favorite cowboy boots, his left hand massaged her right breast and her right hand gently holds the buzz of their beautiful shaved pussy rabbits, their is toned body spasms that another orgasm, she reaches, now I'm standing on it, looking at this view that weeks after the last eighth lust Your eyes are closed, but they know that I close. I quickly pulled never under my eyes, her beautiful body, now kneeling beside her, my hard vacuum above her left breast, I guide my hand to the hare, the hand covering, start, and both have their next orgasm, then take the other side of the breast and take my soon to explode Raging erection, with ssmall movements of masturbation starts for me, moaning louder now and its movement is faster, even more strict control, I think that all the accumulated sexual tension between us will be released, try not to cum but it is difficult beyond her moans I can not go, and I send my seed all over the bold small breasts, the explosion that sent me swallow my head was spinning, you can barely feel his legs tightly around my left hand, as it runs all our bravonude hands and the rabbit, I was shaking and sweating the tail and not think about it once, softly and with a quick shot i left leg bravonude extending into the chest and give my cock in your mouth moist, wet and she does not hesitate to open their lips to me, his mouth, his tongue are wonderful circle at the end of the tail, slowly at first and then faster and faster until you lift your head to meet my cock still bravonude throbbing began to penetrate more deeply, they want more, so my hands are now helping his side to his head gently, slowly begin to takeStart mouth my balls twitch again I can feel other end of the sperm, making their way to my tree can contain no more I do not want to hold onto, and then cum in her mouth, my little cowgirl enthusiasm turns to the last drop. ( bravonude That's bravonude it for now people, we have a meeting scheduled for next week, and I'll add more about it at the time)
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